Transformers: connection, capabilities and culture in modern pharma

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Dan Masquelier, Partner, Cormis Partnership, talks about the importance of connection, capabilities and culture in a modern pharma ecosystem.


What is Cormis and why the name?

Cormis is a company that specialises in the development of capabilities for the pharmaceutical industry. Formerly known as Ask Global, our business has evolved over the last five years and we wanted a name that more accurately reflected our values and approach. ‘Cormis’ is derived from the Latin for ‘connecting minds’, which is central to our philosophy of active engagement with our clients.


Tell me about the team.

We currently have offices in the UK and US. We are a team of highly-experienced industry experts who have held senior leadership positions in sales, marketing, learning and development. In addition, we have a significant global network of highly-qualified associates, bringing international experience and the ability to deliver programmes in multiple languages.


What does Cormis focus on?

At Cormis we focus our efforts on developing the skills and capabilities of individuals and teams, in sales, marketing and medical. Our work concentrates on transforming potential to organisation-wide success. We have a wealth of services covering all capability needs for sales, marketing and field medical, and will actively work with clients to develop bespoke solutions to meet their specific needs.


How do you approach your work?

We live by our philosophy of active engagement through our unique immersion approach. We like to immerse ourselves in their business to understand the company, environment and culture, working with our clients to understand their issues, opportunities and challenges. Importantly, we identify areas of potential and capacity for growth, development and achievement. We also aim to develop and offer solutions that motivate and engage their teams, develop capabilities and ultimately transform performance. As we support and drive the impact of any intervention, we actively calibrate and assess to ensure the change is enhanced and sustained. Through close partnership with individuals and teams, our ambition is the transformation of their potential for breakthrough performance.


Why do pharmaceutical companies choose to work with Cormis?

We constantly receive feedback on the quality of our partnership and engagement with clients. With over 100 years of pharma experience in our senior leadership team, our clients consistently tell us that we understand their environment which allows us to quickly effect behaviour change, leading to stronger performance. We have many testimonials to support this and we’re recognised for delivering high quality, high impact programmes but, most importantly, for our work with organisations to embed and sustain the change.


What does the future hold for Cormis?

We continually adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of the pharmaceutical industry and we constantly strive to ensure that our services future-proof companies for success. We are a growing organisation and we envisage that we will open offices in Asia in the future. As our business expands, we are always interested in talking to talented individuals who may want to join Cormis. For more information email: