Shaping market opportunities to sell your solution

Shaping market opportunities to sell your solution

There is a challenge for new innovation to succeed. Nick Williams, explores how Triducive are shaping market opportunities to help you sell your solution

In an environment where healthcare system affordability is at best static; being clear about the incremental value of a product entering an established market is vital to meet growth expectation. But taking on existing treatment approaches head-to-head and entering an established product’s domain can be challenging. In this environment, the rules have already been set by other brands and are often well understood by healthcare stakeholders.

“There is now so much weight of opinion that payers don’t have any reason to say no”
– Brand Director, UK Pharma

In light of this, clinical and commissioning decision-makers often fail to value important aspects of new treatments, with decisions often naturally defaulting to price or comfort with the status quo.

Focus on the problem your brand is best placed to solve

Adjusting the proposition is one way to address value gaps (and should certainly be tested), but much of this will have already been defined based on the initial evidence base and pricing policy.

So how do marketing teams ‘win’ in an established field with accepted norms and treatment expectations? The short answer: change the rules.

The key is to articulate the problem that patients, clinicians and the health system face in a way that is not yet widely appreciated but, if it were, your brand would be the most relevant solution.

Shape the needs of your market

Since 2009, Triducive have developed relationships with healthcare system stakeholders and expertise at successfully engaging with them. This positions us to develop and harness expert decision-maker opinion to shape the needs of markets. Triducive’s Market Shaping Programme delivers this through a proven and proprietary approach in order to:

  1. Identify the opportunity to change the status quo
  2. Create focus with thought-leading experts around new market ‘norms’
  3. Amplify this perspective to add weight and credibility.

Create evidence-based recommendations and assets

Triducive’s Market Shaping Programme results in Level 4 evidence-based recommendations to improve care in a way that supports the market needs that your brand particularly addresses.

Tangible assets include:

  • Manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals
  • Slide decks and materials to drive advocacy
  • Clinician/payer education activities.

Build new market opportunities
At Triducive, we have worked with more than 100 healthcare brands across the UK, EU and US to create new, ownable opportunities for pharmaceutical brands

Examples of markets shaped through Triducive’s Marketing Shaping Programme:

Market focusOutputs deliveredImpact
Emergency contraception (UK)4 monthsnational guideline changed
severe infection (EU)6 monthsEU-wide prescribing policy updated
Autoimmune disease (UK)4 monthsRecognition of specific patient cohort
Mental Health (UK)6 monthsNew commissioning priorities adopted


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