Regaining trust in pharma with Alveo Solutions

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Alveo Solutions, creating a new standard for healthcare interactions to inspire behavioural change and engender trust. 

Many of our clients recognise that the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the NHS continues to decline. There has been a historical focus on activity levels over quality, and a desire to deliver a message ‘come what may’, rather than truly understanding the customer need. As a result, customers no longer wish to open their doors to people they perceive to be wasting their time.

A complete mindset change is required, and this is why we created Alveo Solutions – we are the first outsourced sales organisation with a mission to rebuild a sustainable channel between the pharmaceutical industry and the NHS, by focusing on high-quality customer interactions to create trusting and long-standing relationships.

“We help our clients perfect their value proposition to ensure it will add value and ultimately change behaviour”

This can be achieved in three ways:

1. Only communicating with customers if you have something valuable to share

You need to ensure that you have something that you truly believe is relevant and of value to communicate. Focus on what problems you can help solve, rather than hitting call rates – a customer needs to end the call feeling satisfied that the interaction was truly useful and will make a difference to their practice.

At Alveo Solutions, based on our existing relationships and extensive experience, we help our clients perfect their value proposition to ensure it will add value and ultimately change behaviour. However, this can’t always be achieved and if the proposition really isn’t going to add value, we must remain true to our internal values and not blindly deliver a proposition which could negatively impact on our ‘hard earned’ relationships.

2. Engaging with customers at a time and in a format that suits them

The chosen channel is crucial to ensure you are meeting the needs of your customer. The optimum channel choice can relate to the type of proposition you are communicating and the channel preference of the customer, which can vary from day to day.

To be able to successfully adapt, we have developed both remote solutions and an optimised face-to-face approach which offers a blend of channel choice.

3. Delivering excellence through all channels

In a ‘time pressured’ and heavily regulated environment, pharmaceutical sales professionals need to be able to communicate succinctly. It’s important to have conducted extensive research beforehand to ensure there is a complete knowledge of the environment, proposition and the stakeholder map within the account. Only then can a genuine key account approach be adopted to deliver true value.

In this day and age, we believe it’s important that companies take ownership to upskill their people to add value in every call, but equally as important is the skillset required to deliver effectively through all channels.

By addressing these three areas, we believe this will help to regain the trust of your customers, and rebuild a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship.

You can contribute to the development of this new standard for healthcare interactions – contact Alveo Solutions to find out how we can optimise your engagement and rebuild your relationship with the NHS.


Pete Hyde is Managing Director of Alveo Solutions. Contact 020 7101 0697  or

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