Challenging traditional CSO

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Clive Scragg on how Evolve are challenging the traditional paradigm of CSO

Having worked with various CSO ‘suppliers’ over the last 25 years and having experienced the client/provider relationship from a client’s perspective, I believe I have a particular insight into what makes that relationship effective and productive.
In considering how this relationship can be more productive and enduring; the traditional paradigm of the CSO being simply viewed as a ‘supplier’ needs to change and evolve. Rather than being the implementors of a fixed strategy; the best outcomes happen through a partnership of mutual trust and respect, where both parties are involved at an early stage to help shape and build the solution.

“I believe we now have a unique opportunity to change that status quo and build outsourced solutions that are grounded in data, insights and collaboration”

Challenging the CSO status quo
In my opinion, now is the time to challenge that traditional paradigm of the CSO. With the changing landscape of the NHS, access to companies’ medicines has become increasingly difficult; whether that is gaining market access for newly launched products or increasing access to more established existing brands. In joining Evolve, I believe we now have a unique opportunity to change that status quo and build outsourced solutions that are grounded in data, insights and collaboration. We have shifted our model to become a Commercial Solutions Organisation, as opposed to a traditional Contract Sales Organisation.

Building better solutions
Understanding our clients’ needs is core to this approach. Whether that be simply supplying vacancy management, or conversely working together to help build a service or offering to evaluate a new commercial model, while mitigating and managing risk. The premise that our approach is data-led and insights-driven allows us to build a better solution for our clients. The solution will of course vary dependent on the opportunity, but it is also vitally important that the goals and objectives of both parties are clearly defined and understood from the start.
Sales and market access teams will continue to be a highly effective way of interacting with virtually all stakeholder groups. As the role of the representative evolves and access remains a challenge, maximising the performance and impact of your field teams becomes more critical than ever before.
For example, deploying differential resourcing across different geographies, dependant on market access, will become even more relevant. Future teams and individuals will need the skills and knowledge to operate across a much more diverse customer base, becoming solutions-orientated as opposed to transactional.

Join the evolution
The notion that one size fits all has gone. This will also involve using differing tools and channels in interacting and communicating with customers in order to deliver the best brand-specific solution; be that face-to-face, e-detailing, telesales or hybrid roles.
Building on Evolve’s strong recruitment heritage in providing highly-skilled and motivated people and complementing that with our data and insights-led solution, please join me in this exciting evolution and partner with us to produce outstanding results for your brands.

Clive Scragg is Director of Commercial Development at Evolve.

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