Pharma and women’s health partnerships

Women meeting at a table: Pharma and women's health

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The Primary Care Women’s Health Forum presents many opportunities for partnerships that improve women’s health.

The Primary Care Women’s Health Forum (PCWHF) was originally created to address the specific needs of healthcare professionals (HCPs) caring for millions of women in primary care in the UK today. It operated as a successful general networking and best practice group for a number of years before becoming incorporated as a community interest company (CIC, a special form of non-charitable limited company, which exists primarily to benefit a community or pursue a social purpose, rather than to make a profit for shareholders) in 2013. Relaunched in 2018, with a new website, membership offering, exclusive specialist resources and news, the PCWHF has access to a network of around 10,000 HCPs with a special interest in women’s health, all working at the forefront of primary care.

The benefits of partnership

Partnering with the PCWHF on women’s health projects gives pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organisations the opportunity to increase their chances of success, by providing access to a significant group of HCPs with a wealth of specialist knowledge, expertise and connections within the area of women’s health. The Forum does not endorse products but will support initiatives that improve HCP education, standards and patient treatments.

The PCWHF attracts a wide range of membership from multiple disciplines, to promote and progress standards in women’s health, and is widely recognised and respected as a credible consultation body for women’s health issues.


• Presents an opportunity for peer support and exchange of views through its website, and national, regional and local educational events. Its annual conference attracts over 100 delegates.
• Is a trusted information source for female patients.
• Provides opportunities to support and develop evidence-based practice through pathway development; clinical guideline development; continuous quality improvement.
• Is a place for continuous sharing of best practice in relation to national, regional and local developments in women’s health issues.
• Is an advocate of, and prominent voice in, support for HCPs working in women’s health.

PCWHF’s exclusive resources are created by its Executive Committee and Members, who know exactly what information busy primary care HCPs are looking for, and exactly how they like to consume it. For example, in January 2019, The Menopause Doctor, Dr Louise Newson, created an HRT Prescribing Guide which has been downloaded almost 5000 times.

Other specialist resources include: ‘10 Top Tips for Intrauterine Contraception Guidance’, and ‘10 Top Tips for Recognising and Supporting Women with Ovarian Cancer’, which take the form of handy, easy reference guides for busy HCPs.

Working in partnership to develop best practice

In recognition of the fact that there are many myths associated with intrauterine contraception (IUC), the PCWHF created ‘10 Top Tips for Intrauterine Contraception (IUC) Guidance’ for HCPs, with grant funding from Bayer. Easy to refer to, it looks at the role that healthcare professionals have in helping women to consider and choose their preferred contraceptive option, while addressing potential concerns regarding IUC use.

The tips have also been produced as a poster which can be used in conjunction with the resource. Both have been made freely available to download from the PCWHF website for any interested HCPs, and have been designed to be easily digestible and shared amongst primary care colleagues interacting with women on a daily basis.

Educational programme

The PCWHF has a dedicated educational programme aimed at HCPs with industry supported exhibitions. New for 2019, the ‘Her life, her health’ series of events across England follows a woman’s health through the four stages of life. Starting with the early years, moving through her fertile years, onto a woman’s renaissance years and finishing in her golden years, HCPs hear live consultations and critically analyse what is discussed. ‘Her life, her health’ uses national guidelines to construct concise and relevant clinical consultations looking at the evidence around different treatment options and using interactive teaching methods to test each HCP’s knowledge. Speakers are leading women’s health experts including PCWHF Chair and Royal College of GPs Clinical Champion for Women’s Health, Dr Anne Connolly.

The educational programme also includes a range of podcasts and exclusive ‘Ask the Experts’ webinars for HCPs.

If you specialise in women’s health and would like to support HCP education to enable women to make informed choices about the care they receive, PCWHF can help you to reach those professionals who focus on the health of women.

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