Pf Awards: The Olympics of the pharmaceutical industry

Pf Awards: The Olympics of the pharmaceutical industry

Pf Awards Judge Mark Pringle, on why he’s involved in the prestigious event.

Tell me a little about yourself

I’m an experienced executive coach, business skills trainer and professional facilitator and have worked with international clients across Europe, Asia and America. In 1988 I started my career in direct pharmacy sales before moving into pharmaceutical sales. I’ve worked in learning and development for a number of pharmaceutical companies and was EU Head of Training at Elan before I founded my first company, Business Edge Solutions and Training in 2001.

“I believe the Pf Awards are the most robust and comprehensive benchmarking process in the industry”

In 2008, Business Edge Solutions and Training became part of Ashfield Healthcare, and in 2018 I started my second company MORExcellent based around four key principles:

  • Maximise personal, team and organisation performance through…
  • Optimising the strengths and talents of the people, allowing them to…
  • Realise their genuine and authentic potential, leading to…
  • Excellence in a truly genuine and authentic fashion.

My passion is enabling and empowering individuals, teams and organisations to become the very best versions of themselves, and I believe that my values and beliefs around best practice development is reflected in my involvement with the Pf Awards.

Why are you involved in the Pf Awards?

I believe the Pf Awards are the most robust and comprehensive benchmarking process in the industry. They give the best of the industry’s talent an opportunity to ‘compete’ in a safe and secure way and truly test themselves. I have been lucky enough to judge across many categories and am constantly impressed by the reliability and validity of the Pf Awards process. Year after year the organising team behind the Pf Awards look to how they can improve all aspects of the process and content, keeping them fresh and always relevant.

Why do you judge?

I’ve spent my whole career developing and helping people learn how to be the best versions of themselves. I have been judging for the Pf Awards for over 10 years, and one of the many reasons I come back every year is the quality of the event and the superb logistics that make this the number one awards in the industry. The quality of the governance that underpins the process of judging ensures that the Pf Awards really do measure and recognise the best of the best.

What do Pf Awards do for industry?

Every year the industry that we work in changes and adapts to massive shifts in the market. The Pf Awards are consistently reinventing and improving how they operate, meaning they really are at the forefront of the awards scene. The breadth and depth of the categories means that the Pf Awards offer the industry an unrivalled opportunity to recognise and reward the best of the talent they have developed. I’d have to say that, because they are the best, fairest and most reliable awards in the industry, in my view they are the Olympics of the UK pharma industry.


Mark Pringle is Founding Director of MORExcellent.


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