Pf Awards 2019: Delivering excellence at Leo Pharma

From L to R: Pierre van Weperen, Katrina Lyons, Sue Foster and Pf Awards 2019 host, Hugh Dennis: Delivering excellence at Leo Pharma

Pf Awards 2019 Cross-Functional Team Award winners, Katrina Lyons and Sue Foster, share their perspective on life and how they are delivering their excellence at LEO Pharma.

Congratulations on your Pf Awards win. How did you feel when your names were called out?

Overwhelmed, shocked, delighted! We were both looking up at the board at the names of the other finalists in our category and we felt proud to be a finalist. To see our names announced felt incredible!

What made you enter the Pf Awards 2019 and how did LEO Pharma support you?

Katrina: I have worked at LEO Pharma for 11 years and wanted to get a different perspective on my work. I entered the Pf Awards as it gives you a chance to be judged for the genuine difference you have made to patients.

Sue: Katrina and I had the full support of our LEO Pharma colleagues in entering the Pf Awards. We had received internal recognition for our success, but we knew we were doing something different and we wanted to take that forward to the Pf Awards.

“Winning this Pf Award shows we have done a great job delivering for patients and our customers”

Tell me about your work and what do you think made you stand out?

Both: When LEO Pharma launched its first dermatology biologic we were determined to take ‘good’ to ‘excellent’, and we recognised that to do this we had to take a different approach. In the account we presented we had to make changes to how the drug was delivered and this became everyone’s priority across the business: Procurement, Market Access, Supply Chain, Marketing, Medical, and our Regional Business Manager were all behind us to ensure that treatment for patients was not delayed. The accountability was with us to do this but as a team, we changed a process within 24 hours, something that had never been done in this region before.

LEO Pharma’s different approach to the biologic arena made a huge difference and we had flexibility which allowed us to be agile and responsive to overcome challenges. The patient getting the drug without delay was our number one priority.

One of the things that made us stand out is our working relationship. We knew to grow we had to be open to taking each other’s feedback. We would sit in on each other’s calls then consider how we could turn a good call into an excellent one by coaching each other to get even better. Sometimes it’s easy to think you are good at your job and that you don’t need help. We have both been in the industry for a long time but we wholeheartedly embraced feedback from one another to make sure we pulled in the right direction to ensure patients had access. Although we had a fantastic year, we still reflected on what we could have done to make it even better. During our presentation to the judges, we said that our initial approach to the account was wrong. However, good communication and transparency meant we were able to change our approach to the account.

What does the Pf Award win mean to you?

Both: It’s very easy to just look at sales and where you rank internally and, of course, this makes you proud, but sales don’t always tell you the full picture. Winning this Pf Award shows we have done a great job delivering for patients and our customers.

What do you hope this will do for your career?

Katrina: Entering the Pf≈Awards wasn’t about winning something that could be added to our CV. It was about getting the recognition for finding a new way of working that delivered the best results for people living≈with severe psoriasis and achieving that success is intangible.

Sue: Winning the Pf Award has given us a real confidence boost and recognition that our way of working delivers results for patients. We are part of the prestigious Pf Award Winners Club and national top performers in our respective fields and it feels great!

What do you like best about the pharma industry and LEO Pharma?

Katrina: What I like most about LEO Pharma is that you aren’t a number on a payroll. People genuinely care about you and your development and do everything they can to support you to help more people access the most appropriate medicine and support for their conditions.

Sue: Within the pharmaceutical industry, we are fortunate to have access to great resources and investment into our personal development, something I haven’t seen in other industries. LEO Pharma has a dedicated team to support learning and development and a lot of the skills we learn through the business can be taken and applied to the personal arena as well.

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