Impact and influence of technology in pharma recruitment

ADVERTORIAL | As online and digital technology advances, Pf talks with Andy Anderson at Evolve about the impact and influence of technology in pharma recruitment in recent years.

How has technology evolved and influenced pharma recruitment within the last five years? We have seen some great advances in recruitment technology over the last few years. Whilst recruitment processes haven’t changed in many respects, we have seen a significant increase in companies utilising digital interview platforms to enhance their recruitment process at all stages. Initially we observed this for entry level vacancies, however these technologies are becoming more commonplace across the board, including for more senior vacancies.

In the initial stages of a recruitment process, digital interviewing systems have allowed greater flexibility for hiring managers to schedule interviews to work around demanding work schedules.

Whereas previously completed in written format at assessment centres, the use of online psychometric and profiling tools has also become more widespread. In combination with digital interviewing software, there has been an increase in the speed of recruitment processes, which in today’s market is a highly influential factor in securing the best candidates for any business.

How does Pharma utilise technology within the recruitment process, versus other industries? Pharma has definitely advanced its utilisation of technology within the recruitment process over the last two years. Previously we observed that other industries, for example telecoms, IT and finance, were quicker on the uptake of new technologies to enhance their hiring processes.

Within our industry, there was noticeable apprehension previously with regard to adopting new systems and ways of recruiting. Nowadays, both candidates and clients recognise the benefit of these technologies, giving them the opportunity to showcase attributes which will positively influence recruitment decisions.

Moving forward, do you feel technology will continue to influence recruitment decisions? Based on feedback from our clients, our experience of working with online technology in recruitment processes has been largely positive. The growth of technology in the future will no doubt play a highly influential part in advancing recruitment processes further. We constantly see developments in existing technology as well as innovative new technologies coming to the market, all with the aim of refining and enhancing how companies hire in the most effective way to secure the best people.

What technology do you feel will add further value to recruitment processes in the future? We believe the future of recruitment processes will certainly continue to evolve from a digital perspective. The use of virtual reality and artificial intelligence has already made its way into other industry sectors. The further adoption of such technologies will make them even more accessible and accepted as standard practice. Whilst there will always be a place for face-to-face interaction, digital and online technology will no doubt partner and enhance these more traditional methods. Ultimately, a cohesive partnership of both will lead to hiring the best people in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Recruitment methodology is certainly evolving, and pharma will no doubt continue to embrace these positive changes!

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