Global talent VP, Erica Briody, looks back on a fascinating 12 months for QuintilesIMS

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Human league: Global talent VP, Erica Briody, looks back on a fascinating 12 months for QuintilesIMS


What is QuintilesIMS and what makes it unique?

We make it easier for clients to get answers faster, more efficiently and with better quality. Furthermore, we are able to do so because we have approximately 50,000 very talented employees globally, who pull together and strive to deliver their best.


What does QuintilesIMS focus on?

Our focus is to create solutions to help our clients drive healthcare forward.


Did you have a set of established targets at the beginning of the year?

My primary goal for 2016 was to establish a great Talent Acquisition team of highly-skilled recruiters and sourcers. I also wanted a leadership team that could engage with potential new candidates, and enhance our employer brand, by showcasing testimonial videos which demonstrate why people come to work for us and love working here.


What significant milestones has QuintilesIMS achieved in 2016?

The merger of IMS Health and Quintiles was complete on 3 October 2016. The merger itself is a very significant milestone for the year and our new, combined company positions us to do something different – bigger and better.

Have there been any unexpected victories? Talent Acquisition is part of our Human Resources department and we are very proud to have been awarded the ‘2016 Leadership Excellence Award’ for Innovation in Deployment of Leadership Programs. This prestigious award salutes the world’s best leadership practitioners and highlights their roles in industry.


What single moment sums up your year?

Definitely the merger of Quintiles and IMS Health, which brought together professionals working across 100 countries. These individuals are driven, insightful and practical, and deliver a better way of doing things. They enable our clients to continue providing true medical and scientific breakthroughs, while taking on more complex diseases.


What have been the biggest challenges over the last 12 months?

A merger is a big undertaking – there are many factors and moving parts to consider, and many difficult decisions had to be made. I have to say, however, that we really pulled together as a combined team to make this merger happen and are very excited about how well we instantly gelled.


What motivates your employees?

It is highly motivating for our employees to know that everything we do helps our clients drive healthcare forward, so that they can improve patient health globally. We recognise the value we are adding every day, by leveraging our capabilities in data management, analytics and technology to accelerate clinical trials. Another great motivator is the people we work with – we have great experts, leaders and camaraderie among our colleagues. Everything we do is carried out with our clients and patients in mind.


What does the future hold for QuintilesIMS?

We are the next generation of clinical development. Our comprehensive evidence and depth of healthcare data allows the charting of more precise and predictable paths to product approval, and beyond.


Did the EU turbulence effect your company?

It is currently business as usual for QuintilesIMS in the United Kingdom. The UK is still a member of the European Union, so there are no changes in terms of the ability of EU nationals to work or travel across EU countries at this time. All clinical trial and commercial activities are proceeding as normal.


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