Ashfield shakes up healthcare services with advanced integrated offering

Ashfield shakes up healthcare services with advanced integrated offering

Ashfield, part of UDG Healthcare plc, has announced the formation of three business units to bolster its integrated healthcare services across strategic consulting, benchmarking, commercialisation, customer engagement, events, marketing and communications.

The development follows the strategic acquisition of 22 businesses over the last 10 years with the objective of strengthening its integrated service portfolio to support its clients, healthcare professionals and their patients. Ashfield Advisory, Ashfield Engage and Ashfield Health, represent three distinct business units designed to deepen partnerships and enable greater collaboration between Ashfield’s experts to solve multi-faceted and complex challenges.

Ashfield Advisory

Ashfield Advisory is a carefully curated ecosystem of advisory and consulting businesses – Vynamic, Putnam Associates, STEM Healthcare and SmartAnalyst. The ecosystem combines each business’ expertise to provide specialist, yet integrated services to customers spanning insight, strategy, action and evaluation. The Advisory platform has been created through selective acquisition and strong organic growth, perfectly positioning the business to offer niche, boutique consulting to its customers, through the existing business models and brands. “Our customers’ challenges require the best solutions. Our Advisory Ecosystem model allows customers to work through the existing relationships they have with our businesses, but still access our broader capabilities,” commented Colin Stanley, Global President, Ashfield Advisory.

Ashfield Engage

Launched to be a game-changing engagement and commercialisation partner for the healthcare industry, Ashfield Engage operates across five specialist areas:

  • Medical Affairs
  • Market Access
  • Commercial
  • Patient Solutions
  • Event Experiences.

Driven by customer demand for diverse, collaborative commercialization services, Ashfield Engage is a single strategic engagement partner with the intention of providing personalised, impactful experiences for all healthcare audiences, across all channels. It is focused on engaging with patients, HCPs and payers on behalf of its clients to the maximum effect, whether virtually or in-person.

Explaining the move, Greg Flynn, Global President at Ashfield Engage, said: “We recognise change is inevitable, but transformation is a result of conscious choice. Our clients are adapting to the changing world and there are gaps that need to be filled which is demonstrated by the growth in outsourcing, and this is where we step in. One of the benefits of working with Ashfield Engage is that we draw on diverse expertise from different specialist areas, connecting patients, HCPs and payers with knowledge, support and medicines.”

Ashfield Health

The third business unit is Ashfield Healtha brand new marketing and communications agency network built for today’s challenges and led by newly appointed Global President Amar Urhekar. Previously under the old Ashfield Healthcare Communications brand, Ashfield Health is made up of two new global agency brands, Ashfield MedComms and Mind+Matter.

Amar Urhekar, Global President of Ashfield Health said: “Central to connecting this great network of agencies is a shared purpose; our drive to ‘make it matter’ inspires us to grow, adapt, be more creative and work smarter than anyone else to deliver work that is truly life changing. From making discoveries to making a difference, we will take every opportunity to challenge convention and spark change for better health – this is something that you will see in every Ashfield Health agency and has driven our business evolution.”

Mind+Matter is a new 250-strong global creative communications agency blending data and technology with emotion to create meaningful experiences, spanning the breadth of health from consumer wellness through to established pharma and rare and novel therapies. Ashfield MedComms brings together over 700 creatives, scientists, strategists, and client partners to form one of the largest scientific and medical communications agencies in the world.

Commenting on these developments, Ryan Quigley, Chief Operating Officer of Ashfield and UDG Healthcare plc. said: “Ashfield has always been driven by a desire to redefine and develop richer client partnerships, improving customer experience and outcomes. Our business has evolved in recent years due to a number of strategic and complementary acquisitions, and our new structure tells a simpler, stronger story. Most importantly, it enables our clients to access a breadth of industry-leading solutions and experience our collective expertise, combined with outstanding execution.”

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