Are virtual meetings part of your coronavirus contingency plans? 

Image of two peopel shaking hand through a computer monitor to ask Are virtual meetings part of your coronavirus contingency plan? 

ADVERTORIAL | Coronavirus has created worrying times around the world. As businesses set their coronavirus contingency plans, there are ways to ensure that pharma carries on its business as usual by moving from face-to-face interactions to virtual meetings.

Getting together to share key information is incredibly important yet often hard to achieve face-to-face. Finding the time can be tricky as can physically getting everyone to the same location. However, with the added risk of coronavirus meaning businesses are reducing their travel and staff members are self-isolating, if considered to have been at risk of exposure, face-to-face meetings are becoming difficult. 

However, when knowledge frequently needs to be shared widely and quickly, as it does in pharma and healthcare, there’s still a need to meet whether internally or with external stakeholders. 

What’s the answer? 

The solution is thankfully simple: virtual meetings. 

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A virtual meeting is a way to bring everyone into a single conversation, wherever they happen to be located. Meeting organisers can schedule one at any time that suits, without having to worry about where everyone will be sitting. 

Invited attendees simply log-in via a computer, tablet or mobile, at a location that’s convenient for them. They see and hear what’s happening (depending on the software being used), participating when required. 

Consequently, these meetings are increasingly popular across businesses worldwide. They’re not only very effective but provide time and cost-savings too. 

E4H is a leading supplier of virtual meetings offering a range of services from small advisory boards to large scale broadcasts, from external HCP meetings to internal training and meetings. In addition, E4H also has significant podcasting and on-demand capability.

We recently live-streamed the Pf Awards 2020, taking the ceremony from a live event to an online live stream in just over 24hrs.

Think virtual 

There are many different software choices for hosting virtual meetings. Think about what your meeting needs to achieve. Is it a presentation? An internal team meeting? Or perhaps it’s a roundtable. Do you want everyone attending to join in? All of these are possible with virtual meetings.

E4H can advise you on the best solution to meet your specific needs but webinars are one of the most popular formats, making it easy to focus on one or a few key speakers. You can also reach as many people as you want, from one to hundreds. 

So, if your meeting or conference has been cancelled due to travel restrictions, but you still need to share your information, discuss and debate, a webinar or other virtual meeting and an expert agency to run it can be an ideal solution.

Peace of mind

There are lots of virtual meeting tools available, however, working with an agency can bring expertise and peace of mind to ensure your meetings run smoothly. Having an expert team on hand to administer the event, manage speakers and attendees and address technical issues will ensure your event runs smoothly, maintaining your high standards with your stakeholders.  

Don’t be intimidated by virtual meetings and webinars. E4H has hosted virtual meetings for thousands of professionals in the healthcare industry over the last ten years. 

Our services range from small advisory boards to large scale broadcasts, from external HCP meetings to internal training and meetings.

Contact us now and we can start working with you straight away. 

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