Andrew Wilkinson & Samantha Prindiville on QuintilesIMS’s unique culture & forging a career in medical sales

QuintilesIMS duo Andrew Wilkinson and Samantha Prindiville on the company’s unique culture and forging a career in medical sales.

Describe the QuintilesIMS culture.

Integrity is at the forefront, and the company does what is right for employees, clients and patients. Employees take ownership of their performance and are accountable for achieving our goals. The company has an ambitious growth strategy and we work cooperatively across teams to enable client success and drive service. We also work in an environment that seeks to balance professional aspiration with personal lifestyle.

How does the company reward high-performing employees?

QuintilesIMS has processes which recognise employees, and our pay-for-performance culture means they are rewarded, and encouraged to continually grow. This contributes to the success of the company and produces an innovative place to work.

What opportunities are there for employees to progress?

We have an internal, global careers site which encourages employees to manage their own destiny! QuintilesIMS is passionate about career development. In the commercial business for example we have many employees who started their careers as medical represent-atives and now work in senior management/market access/medical education roles.

What is the key to employee motivation?

It is highly motivating for employees to know that everything we do helps our clients improve patient health. We are also among great experts and leaders, which creates fantastic camaraderie.

What is it like having a career in the medical sales industry?

Having the chance to make a genuine difference to people’s lives. As medical representatives we work with a range of healthcare professionals to make sure patients receive the right treatment at the right time. It is a real ‘driver’ for getting out of bed on a Monday morning!

What is the state of the market at present?

QuintilesIMS excels in sourcing high-calibre candidates. The company really cares about retaining quality people and this makes a significant difference in attracting candidates and helping them to differentiate between prospective employers.

How is the market expected to change in the future?

As the landscape changes, budgets and access to medicines will become more localised and companies will implement integrated solutions. Highly-skilled roles will have the ability to operate and engage with divergent organisations, enabled by technology platforms. More flexible promotional and non-promotional resources will also help to drive partnerships with local healthcare providers.

What does it take to succeed in the market?

You need passion, courage and the ability to work well in a team. It’s about putting your customer first, thinking about the challenges they face and how you can help them. If you want to make a difference with QuintilesIMS, take a look at our range of Medical Sales jobs.

Samantha Prindiville is a Recruitment Consultant and Andrew Wilkinson is a Medical Sales Director with QuintilesIMS. Go to