Altogether now: Ensuring treatment access for patients at risk of fragility fractures

Worldwide, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men, over the age of 50 will experience a fragility fracture in their lifetime. A broken bone (fracture) can occur due to weak and thin bone resulting from a low-trauma event such as falling from a standing height or even a minor bump.

UCB is pleased to announce its commitment to tackling fragility fractures and addressing this area of high unmet need. As a leading global pharmaceutical company, UCB has established a new bone team that will focus on working closely in partnership with the NHS and patient groups to tackle osteoporosis and fragility fractures and create a world free of fragility fractures. The bone team has a vision that in the future people at risk of fragility fractures can live more active lives free from the fear of fracture.

UCB is working in partnership with Amgen to achieve this vision and the new bone team will be working to help address unmet needs and treatment gaps in this field. However, the science alone isn’t enough – we need to also ensure that there is the right level of access to treatments for the right patients. To make a difference to patients’ lives, we need to get market access right.

An excellent market access strategy, developed with the payer, and the NHS in mind is needed for delivering real benefit to the patients living with the fear of their next fragility fracture. We need to work closely with clinicians, patient groups, national policy makers and local decision makers.

To do this, we need the brightest minds who are excited by the prospect of changing the treatment paradigm for patients with fragility fracture.

Star is delighted to be working with UCB to help build this new UCB team. Star is a full-service outsourcing and resourcing company that delivers great people, insight and commercial outcomes and welcomes the opportunity to work in partnership with UCB to improve osteoporosis care in the UK.

UCB, as a global biopharmaceutical company already has a strong heritage in immunology and neurology and now we are at an exciting period with a real opportunity to be a leader in osteoporosis.

Now is the time to join UCB’s bone team and be at the cornerstone of turning the page on osteoporosis care in the UK, and improving the lives of millions.

To find out more and apply, please contact David Alexander at Star on 01225 336 335 or email your CV to