World’s first ultrasound smartphone launched in US


Mobisante has launched its MobiUS SP1 in the US, the world’s first smartphone-based ultrasound imaging system.

The device joins other portable point-of-care diagnostics that have recently entered the mobile health sector, including GE’s handheld visualisation tool Vscan and Siemens’ Acuson P10.

The £4,700 MobiUS SP1 is designed for use in foetal, cardiac, pelvic, paediatric, musculoskeletal, peripheral vessel and abdominal imaging, providing the potential for enhanced patient care in any location, even remote areas.

The mobile health technology uses both cellular and WiFi networks, and consists of a Windows Mobile 6.5-based Toshiba TG01 smartphone, an ultrasound probe and computer software.

The manufacturer claims that the system could also be more suitable for use in low-income regions than traditional ultrasound equipment due to its lower operating costs and the increased convenience it would provide for patients.

Mobisante actually received FDA clearance for the device in February 2011, but it took eight months to implement necessary FDA-mandated controls.

The company is exploring the option of making a version of the product for healthcare-specific tablet computers as well.