Virtual Pharmacy puts drug QR codes on the wall

Qr-code-ver-10 A new Virtual Pharmacy service enables consumers to order drugs and other products by reading QR codes in everyday locations with a mobile phone.

The Healthcounter has launched the service via its mobile app, which already includes an online private GP service that can issue prescriptions.

Initially launched in playhouses to sell childcare products, the Virtual Pharmacy positions itself as a bridge between high street and electronic retail models.

The QR codes and product images will appear on boards in a wide range of public locations such as train stations and street corners.

The consumer can download a QR code reader via the Healthcounter app, which is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Firefox, Chrome Store and HTML5 Webapp.

They can then swipe the QR code for a product, make the payment electronically and have the product delivered to their home or the local Day Lewis Pharmacy.

“We are extremely excited to launch Virtual Pharmacy, it’s a very new technology and we’re thrilled to be one of the first online retailers to launch the app,” said Simon Tucker, CEO of The Healthcounter.

“Virtual Pharmacy will offer our customers a unique convenient way of practical shopping. Virtual pharmacy could be the future of online and mobile shopping and we’re delighted to be making history.”