UK pharma to disclose payments to HCPs

Stephen Whitehead web Most UK pharmaceutical companies will disclose the payments they make to healthcare professionals (HCPs) from 2015 onwards.

ABPI member companies have agreed to publish details of payments made to individuals in fees and sponsorship for training.

As a start, they will shortly publish aggregate totals of payments made to HCPs in 2012, estimated to amount to £40m for the UK pharma industry.

The ABPI said it hoped the greater transparency would not only improve trust but also raise awareness of the benefits to healthcare of industry sponsorship.

From 2016 (covering 2015 figures), ABPI member companies will disclose the payments made to sponsor and support HCPs – for example, paying for them to attend international conferences – as well as fees for advisory and speaker roles.

They will also reveal how many HCPs they have made payments to in each year from 2015 onwards.

The new transparency standards for industry have been developed by the Ethical Standards in Health and Life Sciences Group (ESHLSG), which is seeking to promote partnership between industry and the NHS.

Stephen Whitehead, ABPI Chief Executive, commented: “The industry is proud of its collaboration with healthcare professionals. By publishing these figures industry’s aim is to ensure these vital relationships are open and transparent.

“It is right that professionals are reimbursed fairly for the time and expertise they regularly provide the industry in developing the next generation of medicines. These figures also show another way in which the pharmaceutical industry adds value to the NHS by supporting training and development and medical education.

“It is right that companies are transparent about the support they provide and it is important that we also recognise the benefits this delivers the NHS.”