The true cost of healthcare revealed

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New data reveals the true cost of healthcare for the general public. With the NHS facing increasing budget constraints and annual winter pressures looming, what is the true cost of healthcare on the NHS?

Although it may be free at the point of delivery, many members of the general population rarely stop to think of the actual cost involved – and the service that is receives for the taxes we pay.

This infographic explores the price of key appointments, treatments and procedures, revealing the true cost of the healthcare that our society relies on.

The true cost of healthcare infographic
In May, Deborah Evans explored the real cost of over the counter prescriptions following NHS England guidance to CCGs on the over the counter items that should not be routinely prescribed.

Key figures for the true cost of healthcare

  • The average GP appointment costs £22.60.
  • A blood test costs £6.
  • A flu vaccine costs the NHS £8.
  • An average hospital bed stay costs £400 per day.
  • A chest x-ray with report costs £25.
  • A natural birth without complications costs £1824.

Infographic provided by Pharmacy Outlet.