Time and money saved with new blood cancer injection

Roche’s blood cancer injection is approved by regulators for use on patients in the UK, offering quicker, cost-effective treatment.

MabThera, Roche’s blood cancer injection, will now be available to around 2,400 patients with a common form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma following approval by regulators.

The injection takes just five minutes to administer, offering a swifter treatment option as compared to the intravenous infusion, which can take two and a half hours.

The new injection has been heralded by one specialist as “liberating” for patients, “who will have more valuable time to spend with their family and friends.”

Dr Andrew Davis, consultant in medical oncology at the University Hospital Southampton, also added that the injection would help meet the rising demand for cancer services, as “the number of new cancer cases in the UK is expected to rise by 47% between 2007 and 2030”.

Roche estimate that the use of MabThera will save the NHS around £2.5m each year due to the national tariff and drugs costs and will increase the health service’s capacity for treating patients.