The Pistoia Alliance launches User Experience for Life Sciences Toolkit

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The Pistoia Alliance has announced the launch of the User Experience (UX) for Life Sciences (LS) Toolkit, to enable life science companies to improve UX in line with other global industries.

The UXLS toolkit marks the culmination of a collaborative project involving more than 50 UX specialists from 20 different organisations across the world; including several top ten pharmaceutical companies, bioscience, and technology firms. The toolkit contains UX case studies, methods, and metrics – enabling life science companies to design better, more intuitive, more usable digital products, specifically for R&D in the life science and healthcare environment. 

The project empowers life science professionals to realise the benefits that UX design can deliver through engagement with a wider audience, including stakeholders in senior management. The global UXLS project team worked collaboratively to develop the toolkit which provides a ‘how-to’ that helps businesses adopt UX principles and methods as they develop scientific software.

The UXLS toolkit so far contains six case studies from organisations such as Novartis, EMBL-EBI, and AstraZeneca; 10 published methods, such as interactive prototyping and usability testing; meaningful principles that will assist and explain activities to better a system or process. The toolkit will be beneficial for UX practitioners, bioinformaticians, software developers, and technical and IT managers.