Teva acquires Actavis Generics

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Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and Allergan have announced that Teva has successfully completed its acquisition of Allergan’s generics business, Actavis Generics.

The acquisition brings together two generics businesses with complementary strengths, R&D capabilities, product pipelines and portfolios, geographical footprints, operational networks and cultures. 

As part of the approval from the European Commission, and in order to guarantee continuity of competition in the UK and Irish markets, the Commission instructed Teva to divest a viable standalone business operation based around Actavis’ assets. This includes a portfolio of generic molecules, Actavis’ Barnstaple manufacturing plant, and the management and people to run this business unit in the UK and Ireland. This standalone operation will be sold in the near future. The remainder of Allergan’s generics business in the UK and Ireland is to be integrated with Teva’s operation in line with the global transaction.

Richard Daniell, UK General Manager and Chief Integration Officer, said: “We are really pleased to have reached Day One of this acquisition and are delighted to be welcoming so many talented individuals to our expanded organisation. Our job now is to embrace the new opportunities available to us and continue to work to deliver positive outcomes for both patients and the NHS.”

33 roles will move from Actavis into the Teva UK business, as well as several generic lines, medicines to treat cystic fibrosis and some over-the-counter products.  1,300 people in the UK across multiple locations are currently employed in the research and development, manufacturing, production, packaging and marketing of devices used in the UK and across the world.