Telehealth gets to the heart of the problem

Bristol-based The Orchard Medical Centre has received a healthcare industry award for its use of telehealth solutions from Tunstall Healthcare to improve care for patients with chronic heart failure (CHF).

The Health Business Telehealth Award, presented this year by BBC newsreader Nicholas Owen at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, recognises the achievement of staff in improving and transforming healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

GPs and nurses at The Orchard Medical Centre in Bristol have integrated telehealth into their CHF service to provide support within the community setting, keeping patients independent and out of hospital.

The GP practice deployed Tunstall’s telehealth solution to carry out remote health monitoring, with patients being prompted to take their vital signs and answer health-related questions. This has reduced the need for patients to visit the GP practice or hospital, and helped them to better manage their own condition.

Tunstall’s telehealth monitors are used with medical devices, including weighing scales, blood pressure monitors, peak flow meters and ECG monitors, that connect to the system and transmit the patient’s vital signs and related health information. The district nurses at the practice can access the data securely to make timely decisions.

According to Dr Richard Berkley, clinical lead on this project: “The award reflects the growing acceptance of telehealth as a means of enabling trusts to support a greater number of patients, improving outcomes and making the best use of available resources. Telehealth delivers a true win-win for patient and PCT alike.”