Target cancer therapies market set for global growth


Global revenues from small-molecule targeted cancer therapies are expected to reach $27.3bn in 2015, a new report predicts.

visiongain’s Small-Molecule Targeted Cancer Therapies: World Market 2011-2021 found that the overall market generated $20.3bn last year but is set to grow as more patients are diagnosed with cancer.

Dr Syed Ahmed, a senior healthcare industry analyst, visiongain, says there is still “an under-met need for therapeutic agents” and the therapies “remain a crucial part of the pharmaceutical market from 2011 to 2021.”

The report found that there were more than 13 million patients worldwide diagnosed with cancer in 2009. But there may be as many as 20 million new cases by 2025, it says.

Targeted cancer therapies block the growth and spread of tumours by interfering with with molecules involved in tumour growth and progression. Most of these are either small-molecule drugs or monoclonal antibodies.

The market is currently dominated by Novartis’ Glivec/Gleevec (pictured), the report says, but ‘blockbuster’ brands are set to lose their patent protection in the next ten years paving the way for generic competition.

“A strong R&D pipeline for small-molecule cancer therapies makes this industry segment dynamic and promising for pharmaceutical companies,” said a report analyst.