Synergy Health provides eczema treatment DVD

A new training film to support the treatment of atopic eczema is available free to healthcare professionals on DVD and online.

The short film, launched by UK company Synergy Health in association with the National Eczema Society, provides a ‘how to’ guide to techniques for managing the painful skin disorder.

Aimed at carers of children with eczema, as well as adults with the condition, the DVD promotes the Synergy Health Comfi range of eczema wrappings.

It also features advice from the National Eczema Society and instruction from dermatology nurse Julie Van Onselen – who demonstrates wet, dry and patch wrapping on children and adults, and provides guidance on which wrapping method to choose.

“People with eczema and their carers are often confronted with a whole variety of treatment regimens,” commented Julie Van Onselen. “They need to understand when and how to use emollients, other topical treatments such as topical steroids, and other management techniques such as wet and dry wrapping. Controlling eczema and symptoms of itch, discomfort and inflammation may be achieved when emollients, treatments and techniques are used together for ongoing management of eczema.”

Margaret Cox, Chief Executive of the National Eczema Society, said: “Managing atopic eczema can be truly challenging, and patient education and support is very important. We believe that the DVD can be a valuable practical tool in helping people to better understand the condition and find the right strategies to help them to have better control over their eczema and so improve their quality of life immeasurably.”

Synergy Health launched the DVD at a recent British Association of Dermatologists meeting.

Based in Swindon, Synergy Health supplies outsourced support services to the global healthcare market.

Synergy Health DVD