Syneos Health & Elligo collaborate on accelerating research

Syneos Health™ a fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organisation, and Elligo Health Research, a platform that brings clinical research direct to clinical health care, are entering a strategic collaboration to mobilise a system of accelerated research to reach real-world patients. Both companies share a vision to evolve the clinical trial paradigm to speed the delivery of biopharmaceutical therapies to market.

Syneos Health is a top three Contract Research Organization (CRO) that combines comprehensive and integrated outsourcing solutions for both clinical development and commercialization. Elligo Health Research deploys an approach that improves clinical trial access by engaging the 97 percent of physicians currently not offering clinical research to their patients.

Applying its Goes Direct® approach, Elligo identifies patients for clinical trials using electronic health records and then provides their physicians with the infrastructure to conduct the research in their own practices. This platform enables research at practices that historically would not have had the infrastructure to conduct clinical research. Syneos Health will collaborate with Elligo to pilot new ways of quickly finding patients to enlist them in clinical trial research.

The collaboration will seek to build a centrally managed infrastructure and regulatory research system around physicians and patients who have not typically been accessible in traditional sites. This could include deploying expert staff and providing the training and regulatory guidance needed to run a trial, removing physician burden and focusing the experience around the patient.

Alistair Macdonald, chief executive officer, Syneos Health said, “Our biopharma acceleration model is designed to completely surround the patient, caregiver or any stakeholder with the most relevant solutions to make the clinical trial process easier and more accessible.”

John Potthoff, Ph.D., chief executive officer, Elligo said, “Not only are we maximizing clinical trial process efficiencies, we’re transforming the clinical trial paradigm with deeper insights and more actionable real-world evidence.”