Stroke treatment receives CE Mark


Two new low-profile devices for treatment of ischaemic stroke that can gain access to formerly inaccessible blood clots in the brain have received CE Mark approval.

The MindFrame Capture LP device for clot extraction and the MindFrame Flow LP device for flow restoration can be deployed through microcatheters as small as 10/14.

By enabling neurovascular surgeons to remove blood clots and restore normal blood flow in very narrow vessels, the stent-like wire mesh devices could help to prevent irreversible loss of brain function in patients suffering from strokes.

“This unique device technology offers improved ability to access thrombus through tortuous blood vessel anatomies, allowing for rapid perfusion and thrombus retrieval,” said Tommy Andersson, Department of Neuroradiology, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.

“The MindFrame LP devices allow me to restore blood flow and preserve brain function for my patients, providing the potential of being the standard in ischemic stroke treatment.”

Kenneth Charhut, President and CEO of MindFrame Inc, commented that the new devices “represent the next generation in device technology”.

Based in California, MindFrame Inc specialises in developing medical technologies for patients suffering from ischaemic stroke.