Seqirus starts on-time delivery of NHS flu vaccines

Seqirus starts on-time delivery of NHS flu vaccines

Seqirus has started on-time shipping of its NHS flu vaccines portfolio, FLUAD® (aTIV) and FLUCELVAX® TETRA▼(QIVc), to healthcare professionals across the UK.

Delivering Seqirus’ flu vaccines to customers at the agreed times, despite the manufacturing challenges faced by the delay in the World Health Organization (WHO) H3N2 strain announcement, means that GP practices and pharmacies will be well prepared to vaccinate the most vulnerable populations ahead of this year’s influenza season.

Adjuvanted trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine (aTIV) was the only flu vaccine recommended for reimbursement by the NHS for the 65+ age group during last year’s flu season and has been recommended again for this season. The on-time availability of aTIV is therefore likely to be reassuring for health professionals across the UK, given the prioritisation of elderly immunisation.

QIVc is the first cell-based quadrivalent influenza vaccine available in the UK. It received European regulatory approval in December 2018 and is manufactured using cell-based candidate vaccine viruses (CVV) for all four of the influenza strains recommended by the WHO. This vaccine is currently recommended alongside egg-based quadrivalent flu vaccines (QIVe) for those 18 to 64 years in at-risk groups and alongside aTIV for those aged 65 years and older.

“The swift change over to aTIV for the entire 65+ population across the UK last season was a complex operation for all of us working on the front line of influenza prevention” said Helen Concilia, UK Country Head, Seqirus. “However, the hard work from GPs, practice nurses and practice managers was effort well placed as aTIV appears to have significantly reduced the risk of influenza and medical visits in older adults in 2018-19, as highlighted by recent Public Health England data.”