Sanofi’s iGlarLixi combination helps type 2 diabetes patients reach blood sugar targets

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Sanofi’s iGlarLixi, the investigational, titratable fixed-ratio combination of insulin glargine 100 Units/mL and GLP-1 receptor agonist lixisenatide, has been shown to offer greater control of mealtime blood sugar (post-prandial glucose, PPG) in adults living with type 2 diabetes compared to insulin glargine 100 Units/mL alone.

A new post-hoc analysis of data from the LixiLan-L pivotal Phase III clinical trial found that more patients who received the fixed-ratio combination reached their daily PPG target than those who received only insulin glargine 100 Units/mL.

The analysis also showed that a significantly higher proportion of participants reached their PPG target after 30 weeks, according to self-measured plasma glucose (SMPG) taken at intervals throughout the day. Incidence of symptomatic hypoglycemia was similar with the titratable fixed-ratio combination and insulin glargine 100 Units/mL, as previously reported for LixiLan-L.

Riccardo Perfetti, Head of Global Diabetes Medical Team, Sanofi, said: “With this new analysis, we see further evidence of the role iGlarLixi can serve in helping type 2 diabetes patients meet their PPG targets.” 

The new analysis was presented at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) 52nd Annual Meeting in Munich, Germany. iGlarLixi is currently under review in the United States and Europe.