Sanofi-Aventis pledges flu vaccines

Sanofi-Aventis will donate 100 million doses of influenza vaccine to the World Health Organization (WHO) to help people in developing countries, the company has declared.

During the opening session of the Pacific Health Summit, Chief Executive of the company Christopher Viehbacher said the whole industry has a “collective responsibility to assist patients across the globe during the current pandemic”.

He added that the company’s flexible donation of preventative medication is to help the body address the needs of the most vulnerable populations.

Once production begins, 10% of the A(H1N1) vaccines will be put to one side to go to communities in developing locations.

Mr Viehbacher asserted that the future of the sector is linked to healthcare solutions that can be found for emerging countries. "By pooling our collective strengths, as well as our dedication and our motivation, we can save millions of lives," he added.