Sanofi & Abbott in diabetes management partnership

SAnofi and Abbott partner to improve diabetes management with technology

Sanofi and Abbott have partnered to integrate glucose sensing and insulin delivery technologies to help to further simplify how people with diabetes manage their condition.

The collaboration aims to provide a connected device experience for millions of people living with diabetes using insulin.

The two companies will take an innovative approach to connected care by developing tools that combine the revolutionary FreeStyle Libre technology with insulin dosing information for future smart pens, insulin titration apps and cloud software.

The non-exclusive collaboration will initially enable data sharing, with the consent of the user, between Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre mobile app and cloud software and Sanofi’s connected insulin pens, apps and cloud software that are currently in development.

This data sharing will enable both people with diabetes and their doctors to make better informed treatment decisions around medication, nutrition and lifestyle.

Sanofi is currently working to provide connected pens, apps and cloud software that will be compatible with the FreeStyle Libre system and its compatible digital health tools. The two companies aim to bring this to people with diabetes within the next few years, pending local regulatory approvals.

The FreeStyle Libre system reads glucose levels through a sensor that can be worn on the back of the upper arm, eliminating the need for fingersticks.

Gustavo Pesquin, Senior Vice President Global Diabetes and Cardiovascular Franchise at Sanofi, said: “This strategic relationship with Abbott is representative of the next evolution of our commitment for better diabetes care by incorporating digital tools into the daily life of people living with diabetes.

“By partnering with Abbott, we are a step closer to realising our connected ecosystem, which would help improve control and the quality of life decision cycle for patients through individualised glycaemic management of diabetes.”

Jared Watkin, Senior Vice President, Diabetes Care, Abbott, said: “Diabetes can be overwhelming as it is an information-rich condition with various streams of data from multiple devices. Building a digital ecosystem around FreeStyle Libre simplifies the user experience by consolidating how people get their data – both through offering Abbott’s digital health tools and by working with other diabetes and technology leaders.”