Same-day emergency medicines supply service launched in London

Same-day emergency medicines supply service launched in London

A new same-day emergency medicines supply service that will cover hospitals and clinics in Central London locations has been launched. The service aims to relieve pressure on the NHS, which is under immense strain during COVID-19, and deliver sustainable healthcare to patients.

John Bell & Croyden Healthcare Services has announced that its new emergency medicines supply service will be rolled out in November and will initially serve healthcare facilities in Central London, providing quick, convenient and affordable access to more than a hundred of the most commonly used medicinal products.

Hospitals and clinics in Central London locations will benefit from same-day emergency supply of these medicines and IV fluids, with orders delivered within 2 hours. The new service will be available Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4pm.

Whilst remaining independently run, John Bell & Croyden is backed by the buying power of one of the UK’s leading pharmaceutical wholesalers and McKesson’s global presence, with the ability to offer consolidated delivery of products from different manufacturers to simplify supply chains and bring the greatest level of cost-efficiency.

James Gray, Healthcare Services Manager, said: “John Bell & Croyden Healthcare Services is uniquely placed to offer a combination of solutions to hospitals, clinics and other providers in Central London, and we are delighted to announce the introduction of our new emergency medicines supply service.

“As a sister company to AAH Pharmaceuticals we are proud to offer our new, tailored service to their existing customers in the Harley Street area, as our location allows us to process these requests more quickly and cost-effectively.

“We supply both licenced and unlicenced medicines at competitive prices, with the reassurance of the AAH network behind us to give us the most robust supply chain and help reduce out of stocks. Having access to the right medicines without having to worry about supply problems is crucial to delivering quality of care to patients. In instances where customers find themselves unexpectedly out of stock of a critical product, this is where we can help.”

James adds: “Our in-depth knowledge of licensing and regulations ensures we offer a reliable and ethical service wherever we supply. Additionally, our independence within this framework enables us to offer hospitals a truly personal service. We have experience of servicing major contracts as well as smaller orders, yet all receive the same high level of service by our team.  As a part of McKesson UK – one of the oldest and largest healthcare companies in the world – we have unparalleled access to medicinal products and sundry items.”