Roche opens new Swiss R&D facility

 Swiss pharma giant Roche has opened a new R&D facility at its Basel site to develop new products and supply the company’s clinical trials.

The company has invested about 250m Swiss francs ($271m) in the new plant.

A major focus of the R&D centre’s work will be processing new active ingredients into ingestible and injectable dosage forms.

At the inauguration ceremony for the new building, Roche CEO Severin Schwan drew attention to the importance of innovation in how drugs are ‘formulated’ to optimise the effect of the active ingredient.

“This is where the groundwork will be laid for transforming novel active pharmaceutical ingredients into medicines that can be administered to patients,” he said, by creating dosage forms “that reliably deliver the right amount of active ingredient to the intended target in the body”.

Whereas its Swiss competitor Novartis plans to close two sites in Switzerland and another in Italy – a total loss of 2,000 jobs – Roche is strengthening its European operation.

However, according to Schwan, the company is making heavy job cuts in the US due to “increased price pressures and a more challenging market environment”.