Report estimates generic growth

Up to $89 billion in branded prescription sales will be at risk of generic competition in the US by 2014, according to a special report.

Experts also predict that the European generics market will grow at twice the rate of the branded pharmaceutical sector in that region during the next five years.

Generic drugs currently account for more than 70% of prescriptions dispensed in the US, but that figure is expected to grow, PharmaLive’s Special Report, Top 50 Specialty Companies 2010, explains.

The report predicts that drug-delivery firms will continue to be popular partnership and M&A targets for pharma, biotech, and device companies, as they can provide “business models that include multiple technology platforms and product opportunities”.

“The dynamics of the specialty pharma market are dramatically changing as big pharma gains entrance, and competition as well as demand continually increase,” said Andrew Humphreys, Editor-in-Chief of UBM Canon Data Products Group.

“Segments with strong growth potential include specialty generics, branded generics, biosimilars and devices with advanced electronic functionality.”