Positive trial data for Sanofi diabetes drug

Sanofi has announced positive results for its phase III clinical trial data of its new type 2 diabetes drug Toujeo.

The pooled analysis of three trials from the Edition programme revealed that Sanofi’s new therapy consistently showed significantly fewer low blood sugar events at any time of day or night, compared with an approved and established alternative.

The data from three differing type 2 patient populations made up the pooled analysis, with all three studies meeting their primary endpoint by demonstrating a strong blood sugar control performance.

A high number of diabetes patients go through a “sensitive phase” when beginning insulin treatment which leads to them stopping treatment or failing to properly up-titrate when experiencing low blood sugar events. New therapies that can combat this problem are of significant importance in the management of diabetes. 

Pierre Chancel, senior vice-president of Sanofi’s global diabetes division, said: “We continue to be encouraged by the positive phase III results from Edition, which demonstrated the potential of Toujeo to help meet unmet needs of people living with diabetes.”