Pf Awards 2020 Winners Announced

Image of Pf Awards 2020 logo to announce Pf Awards 2020 Winners Announced

The Pf Awards 2020 Winners were announced last night, in an event that was live streamed from the Royal Lancaster in London. The 600 guests, sponsors and candidates were invited to join the event online, following the difficult decision to cancel the live event.

In an unprecedented situation for Founding Director of E4H and of Pf Awards – Melanie Hamer, the winners and top finalists were still able to hear their names announced and celebrate their success from the comfort of the own homes.

Melanie commented: “Taking the difficult decision to cancel the Pf Awards 2020 live event was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. The Pf Awards are so special to me and it wasn’t a decision I took lightly. With the escalating situation with the coronavirus, now declared a pandemic, I didn’t want our 600 guests to put themselves at risk by travelling to London and attending the event. However, I’m delighted with the success of the Pf Award 2020 Live Stream. It was wonderful to see the social media engagement from around the UK, watch people’s reactions and give the winners their chance to celebrate.”

Melanie hosted the event with TV presenter and former international rugby player, Martin Bayfield, with introductions from the National Lottery’s ‘The Voice of the Balls’, Alan Dedicoat, and a special message from award-winning stand-up comedian, Ed Gamble.

Following a tough Pf Awards Assessment Day last week, the finalists, along with colleagues, sponsors and invited guests tuned in to hear whether they had won a prestigious Pf Award.

The Pf Awards 2020 Winners are:

  • Payer engagement: Jo Kemp, Novartis.
  • Secondary Care Specialists: Alison Gaillard, Exact Sciences.
  • Cross-Functional Team: Iain Chalmers and Neil Cox, Thornton and Ross Ltd and Sadie Milner, Des Dhaliwal and Ali Terai, AbbVie.
  • New Account Manager Award: Sam Singh, MSD and Will Plews, Astellas Pharma Ltd
  • Medical Scientific Liaison Award: Raymond Johnston, AbbVie.
  • Learning and Development Partnership: Dan Davies and Helen Littlewood; Kyowa Kirin in partnership with Healthcare Interaction.
  • Experienced Account Manager: Jane Jackson, LEO Pharma.
  • Joint Working: Emma Bowen, Novartis.
  • Nurse Advisor: Selina Forrest, IQVIA.
  • Best Newcomer: Eelke Roos, Roche.
  • Primary Care Specialists: Nick Meeks, Star and Michael Fuoco, Pfizer in partnership with Ashfield.
  • Future Leaders: Lauren Laskier, MSD.
  • Commercial Impact: Moira Sheard and Mark Nugent, Norgine.
  • First Line Manager: Sue Kemp, Kyowa Kirin.
  • Digitally Enabled Representative: Steve Meadows, OUTiCO Ltd.
  • Outstanding Performer: Jo Kemp, Novartis.

The top finalists are:

  • Payer Engagement: Alex Lamb, Astellas; Michelle Jobling, MSD; Katie Lamb, MSD; Sophie Semple, Tillotts Pharma UK; Clare Turner, Napp Pharmaceuticals.
  • Secondary Care Specialists: Julia Hann, Novartis; Suzanne Eastwood, Kyowa Kirin; Lauren Hayward, Thornton and Ross Ltd; Nirav Gathani, Roche; Vicki Morris, Novartis.
  • Cross-Functional Team: Nicola Hampshire, Victoria Hurlin, AbbVie; Sarah Valente-Smith, MSD; Riswan Yarkhan and Shan Mohammed, Mylan; Jasmin Green and Sherneaca Clarke-Melville, MSD; Richard McVinnie and Debbie Morales-Model, LEO Pharma.
  • New Account Manager Award: Margot Cousland, Tillotts Pharma UK Ltd; Chloe Henderson, Santen UK; Kyle Milford, Mylan; Sunny Sohal, Novartis; Karen Cowen, Norgine.
  • Medical Scientific Liaison Award: Kathryn Moulton, AbbVie; Antonia Solomon, MSD; Elaine Kamara, Roche; Emma Riley, Novartis.
  • Learning and Development Partnership: Melissa Baxter, Tillotts Pharma UK Ltd; Erwan Guillou and Ciaran Campbell, Sanofi Genzyme; Alexis Cole, Roche; Sherry Bradley, Novartis; Georgette Humphrey and Victoria Kent, Syneos Health.
  • Experienced Account Manager: George Reade, LEO Pharma; Gillian Piacentini, AbbVie; Kathryn Shannon, Tillotts Pharma UK Ltd; George Bycroft, LEO Pharma; Rebekah Wright, Chugai Pharma UK Ltd.
  • Joint Working: Lucy Kendal, MSD; Michelle Wing, Novartis; Neil Macdonald, MSD; Alison Prouse, Novartis.
  • Nurse Advisor: Tina Holmes, Akcea in partnership with Ashfield; Nicola Reilly, Alexion; Monica Capela, Roche; Elizabeth Copp, IQVIA.
  • Best Newcomer: Emma Brearley, Tillotts Pharma UK Ltd; Lisa Cappalonga, Novartis; Chloe Henderson, Santen UK; Abbey Thorpe, Novartis; Yasmin Hopkins, Thornton and Ross Ltd.
  • Primary Care Specialists: Adam Jhugroo, Napp Pharmaceuticals; Claire England, Novartis; David Lewis, Napp Pharmaceuticals.
  • Future Leaders: Katrina Lowndes, Novartis; Caitlin Macdonald, MSD; Salwa Tunio, LEO Pharma; Nick Meeks, Star.
  • Commercial Impact: David Crawford and Ciaran Campbell, Sanofi Genzyme; Lewis Bell, Thornton and Ross; Paul Gill, Novartis; Ed Hallam, Exact Sciences; Irfan Mohammed, Novartis; Mandeep Birdi, IQVIA.
  • First Line Manager: Anna Robinson, LEO Pharma; Andy Hutchinson, Roche; Simon Hussain, MSD; Nigel Selwood, Thornton and Ross Ltd.
  • Digitally Enabled Representative: Sanjna Dhanja, OUTiCO Ltd; Fiona Monteith-Preston, Republic M! UK; Josh Hale, OUTiCO Ltd; Judith Lowry, Republic M! UK.

Melanie was eager to thank everyone involved for their continued support and understanding in this unprecedented situation.

Special thanks go to the Pf Awards 2020 sponsors Kyowa Kirin, Novartis, Roche, Star, Syneos Health, Ashfield, Astellas Pharma Ltd, CHASE, Evolve, IQVIA, LEO Pharma, MSD, Napp Pharmaceuticals, Republic M! UK, Tillotts Pharma UK Ltd, Triducive, E4H, Exact Sciences, Norgine, Thornton & Ross Ltd.

Melanie added: “I’m so pleased we were still able to announce the winners and give our top finalists a chance to celebrate their successes. This wasn’t how we had intended the 20th anniversary of the Pf Awards to be held, however, I’m determined that we’ll come back together next year to celebrate Pf Awards 2021. In the meantime, we look forward to welcoming winners past and present at the Pf Awards 2021 Launch Event at the Shard on 24 September. So look out for your invitation.”