Pf Awards 2020 coronavirus update 

Image of Pf Awards 2020 logo to indicate pf awards 2020 coronavirus update

It is with deepest regret that we have taken the decision to cancel the Pf Awards 2020. Please see our updated statement.

With the Pf Awards 2020 taking place on Thursday 12 March, we have understandably received a number of enquiries from guests who would like to know if the ongoing Coronavirus situation is likely to impact the event. 

We can assure you that the Pf Awards 2020 will be going ahead as planned. We have spoken to many of our entering companies, sponsors and attendees and they have confirmed that they will be joining us at the Royal Lancaster on Thursday evening.  

The event will celebrate the hard work and achievements of the pharmaceutical and medical device sales industry, and we look forward to celebrating the finalists and winners. 

We understand that people may be concerned about the event, however, we can confirm that the 20th anniversary of the Pf Awards will proceed as planned and it is a sold-out event. 

We are acutely aware of concerns surrounding the coronavirus spread across the world and are monitoring the situation daily. We are following Government advice and will ensure that we take appropriate precautions to safeguard our attendees. At present, the Government has not placed any restrictions on large gatherings. 

We are working closely with the team at the Royal Lancaster Hotel and they are also closely monitoring the Government and World Health Organization updates and guidelines regarding the outbreak. They will also be taking appropriate measures to protect the health and wellbeing of all attendees. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Pf Awards 2020 on Thursday night. We are confident that it will be an enjoyable and celebratory event.