Pay-as-you-use telehealth service launched

A home-based pay-as-you-use telehealth service will shortly become available for people living with long-term conditions in the UK.

New telehealth provider Appello’s offices in Lymington were opened in July, and its service is set to go live later this year.

Appello offers a solution without initial capital outlay to health providers and service users: it will provide a personalised, nurse-led monitoring, advice and support service, at a low monthly ‘pay-as-you-use’ cost.

Patients with conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease and COPD will be provided with a telehealth monitor and connected to a central hub of nurse advisors, and will also have access to a web-based assistive personal health record.

The Appello service brings together elements from four established companies: telecare monitoring from CarelineUK, health records from CentriHealth, contact centre infrastructure from Volt Delta, and telehealth home hubs and remote monitoring from Numera Health.

Carl Atkey, Head of CarelineUK, said: “We have developed a service which has no capital outlay for the end customer, is easy to use and where a low-cost monthly subscription will allow the service to be adopted at scale by local authorities and other care organisations charged with delivering long-term care in the community.

“Individuals with long-term conditions are intensive users of healthcare, accounting for 52% of all GP appointments. Self-management by users and direct nursing advice reduces unplanned hospital admissions, visits to the GP and visits from welfare staff.”

Launch of Appello: Jackie England, Deputy Mayor of Lymington, with Carl Atkey and Gill Bennett from Careline UK