Partnership delivers antimicrobial switches


The first range of antimicrobial electric switches has been launched through a collaboration between two UK companies.

Switch specialist Arcolectric has launched its new range (pictured) in partnership with BioCote, a leading supplier of antimicrobial technology.

BioCote’s silver ion coatings have been shown to reduce levels of bacteria, mould and fungi on surfaces by up to 99.99%.

Arcolectric’s ranges of standard and miniature rocker switches, push button switches, double pole splash resistant switches and splash/dust covers will be manufactured with BioCote’s silver ion coatings.

The new coatings mean the switches, already used widely by healthcare equipment OEMs, will have antimicrobial protection for their lifespan.

Arcolectric has undergone a rigorous R&D and testing process for the new antimicrobial component range, while the BioCote brand is independently tested (in hospitals and other locations) and guarantees over a 95% reduction in bacteria.

“Our partnership with BioCote ensures the surfaces of Arcolectric switches will help prevent the spread of microbes including viruses, mould and bacteria,” said Stuart Hutchings, Marketing Manager at Arcolectric. “We anticipate a strong reaction from our customers to these significant enhancements to our best selling ranges.”

Based in Surrey, Arcolectric (part of Elektron Technology) is a leading global manufacturer of specialist appliance switches.

Wolverhampton-based BioCote incorporates antimicrobial technology into products at the time of manufacture, contributing to infection prevention in a range of care and other environments.