Olympic cycling champion powers Asthma UK

Laura Trott web Olympic gold medal winner Laura Trott OBE is supporting charity Asthma UK as the face of its online resource for young people.

Trott, 20, who won two gold medals in track cycling at the London 2012 Olympics, has suffered from severe asthma – her career is a testament to the successful management of this long-term condition.

Asthma UK’s award-winning Facebook page Big Up Your Chest provides health information and a forum for 16–25 year olds living with asthma.

The charity supports over five million young people living with asthma, and aims to halve their hospitalisation rate over the next five years.

As a young child, Trott developed severe asthma and took up sport to help her regulate her breathing.

“I was overjoyed when I won two gold medals for track cycling at the London 2012 Olympics – I couldn’t believe how far I’d come and I was so proud to fly the flag for Britain!” she said.

“I was able to achieve these amazing victories because I manage my asthma by taking my medicines and making sure I’m looking after my condition sensibly. It still impacts me physically as I tend to get a dry cough after I’ve been training, so I have to be aware of my limits.

“I hope that I can inspire other people my age with asthma through my own accomplishments and show that with the right treatment, management and attitude to asthma, it doesn’t have to hold you back.”

David Hiles, Head of Health Promotion at Asthma UK, commented: “We are thrilled to have Laura on board. Her fantastic achievements make her a huge inspiration to young people with asthma, who can ensure they are managing their condition properly by using the Big Up Your Chest page.”