Novo Nordisk joins ABPI!

Novo - web Novo Nordisk, the world’s leading supplier of medicines for diabetes care, has joined the ABPI for the first time.

The decision reflects the Danish company’s growing involvement in the UK health market, where the importance of diabetes care is growing rapidly.

It also reflects the increased profile of the ABPI in negotiations affecting the UK pharmaceutical industry, including the adoption of value-based pricing for drugs.

Novo Nordisk recently launched a new basal insulin, Tresiba, in the UK and celebrated 90 years in the diabetes care market.

Peter Meeus, UK General Manager of Novo Nordisk, commented: “As a growing player in the UK pharmaceutical market, we felt the time was right to join the ABPI. The ABPI has undergone real transformation in recent years and we are confident that as our business continues to grow in the UK, ABPI engagement will complement what we are doing to ensure we are better positioned to face the challenges and the opportunities in an increasingly dynamic business setting.”

“Novo Nordisk is a very welcome and important addition to our membership and will further strengthen the ABPI as the voice of the pharmaceutical industry,” said Stephen Whitehead, ABPI Chief Executive.

“We will be looking to support them and our wider membership to ensure that once a medicine has been approved for use in the UK, the NHS is able to adopt it and patients can fully realise its benefits.”