Novel k-haler® inhaler wins two A’ Design Awards

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The A’ Design Award, a competition which celebrates the world’s leading designs, concepts and design-orientated products, has awarded Mundipharma International for its novel k-haler® device. 

The k-haler is an aerosol device with a simple breath-triggered mechanism, activated with a low inspiratory force, which is designed with the aim to make it easier for patients to use correctly.

Although the idea of breath-triggered inhalers isn’t new, some devices require a higher force and speed of inhalation for optimal drug delivery, which can be a challenge for some patients with respiratory conditions. Research indicates that errors in inhaler technique are frequent and are associated with poor outcomes. Evidence suggests that inhaler type and patient preference are important factors influencing treatment outcomes in patients.

Key improvements included the creation of features designed with the aim to make it easier for patients to use, such as the integrated dose counter that counts down in single digits to show the number of actuations remaining and help remind patients to obtain prescription refills. The dose counter is forward facing and colour-coded, and the numerals are displayed in an easy-to-read font. Furthermore, the ergonomic and compact design ensures the k-haler device is discreet and easy to carry, with a closed system to prevent dirt clogging the device and irritating the user’s airways. The k-haler device has a unique breath triggered valve, which when patients breathe in, automatically releases a dose. This removes the need for coordination during inhalation.