Novartis fights Malaria in Zambia

Novartis is to send two million antimalarial treatments to children in Zambia as part of its Power of One global campaign.

Following a successful public fundraising campaign via Power of One, Novartis has announced it will send two million paediatric antimalarial therapies to Zambia in a bid to ‘eliminate this deadly disease’.

The donation, 50% of which has been funded by the public and 50% from Novartis, comes courtesy of the company’s global digital fundraising campaign, Power of One. By using social media and the internet, Power of One collected donations from members of the public to purchase treatments for children in Zambia, where malaria accounts for 40% of infant mortality.

Recent donations, combined with Novartis’ contribution, have been sufficient to purchase two million Coartem Dispersible treatments which will be sent to Zambia in a bid to ease the grip of the disease.

The donation of antimalarials forms part of Novartis’ long-term collaboration with the Malaria No More global initiative, for which the company picked up a global corporate citizenship award at the end of 2013.

Joseph Jimenez, chief executive of Novartis, said: “Our commitment to Power of One reflects our company’s long-term efforts to fight malaria and Novartis remains dedicated to controlling and ultimately eliminating this deadly disease.”

Following the successful campaign for Zambia, Power of One is likely to expand its reach to cover other countries as Novartis continues to commit to tackling malaria globally.