Novartis expecting ‘blockbusters’ by 2017

 Novartis expects its pharmaceutical division to have at least 14 ‘blockbuster’ products within the next five years.

The Group claims to lead the industry with the number of new approvals it has had globally since 2007 and expects the release of new products to be equally successful.

Joseph Jimenez, CEO of Novartis, said its “leading pipeline… positions us well for continued future growth.”

So far this year the company has received nine approvals or positive recommendations. It aims to build on this within the next 13 to 24 months with a further 11 pivotal trials, 11 filings and 10 regulatory decisions with various health authorities.

In addition, Novartis claims its pipeline boasts 139 projects in clinical development, including more than 73 New Molecular Entities across a multitude of disease areas.

It has highlighted compounds AIN457 from its oncology pipeline and LCZ696 and RLX030 for heart failure to create “significant newsflow” in the future. Also, Novartis claims compound QVA149 has the potential to become the “new standard of care for COPD”.

But within its oncology business is where the greatest growth is expected within the next five years. Novartis points towards its robust late-stage pipeline, which includes 13 new chemical entities and 19 new indications, to combat the upcoming patent expiry on Glivec.

These late-stage products are expected to contribute more than $1bn in sales by 2017, with Afinitor predicted to earn revenues of around $2bn in sales in advanced breast cancer alone in the same period.