Non-invasive central BP monitor launched

A groundbreaking monitor that measures central blood pressure (cBP) quickly and non-invasively has been launched by a UK company.

Centron Diagnostics Ltd, a spin-out company from King’s College London, is launching its new cBP monitor as part of the ‘What’s the Big Idea?’ campaign, which aims to highlight the impact of universities on society.

The new monitor incorporates technology developed by the same research group that developed the world’s first hand-held lung function analyser.

Central BP provides a better measure of cardiovascular risk than conventional upper arm BP measurement. Most existing central BP devices have to be applied directly to an artery, which is invasive, time-consuming and requires a skilled operator.

The Centron cBP monitor is applied in the same way as an arm BP monitor, reducing the time and complexity of the procedure, and is significantly cheaper than the central BP monitors currently in use.

Professor Ajay Shah, Head of King’s British Heart Foundation Centre, said: “We believe the role of central blood pressure monitoring will increase substantially over the coming years as its use as a more effective predictor of cardiovascular risk and response to treatment becomes recognised by doctors worldwide. Centron’s incorporation plays a major part in bringing this technology to the fore through the new monitor’s ease of use.”

           Centron cBP monitor