NICE launches ‘must-read’ commissioning guide

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has launched a new guide illustrating the support available from NICE and benefits of using NICE guidance.

Launched at NICE’s annual Conference in Manchester, How to use NICE guidance to commission high quality services explains how NICE guidance supports the commissioning of high quality services and describes how the guidance can be used throughout the commissioning cycle.

The guide is aimed at everyone involved in commissioning health and social care services, as well as public health programmes within the NHS and partner organisations in England. 

It seeks to support commissioners in developing systems and processes that entrench NICE guidance into commissioning, and also highlights sources of further information and practical help.

Val Moore, Implementation Director, said: “NICE guidance is world-renowned for setting the standard in effective and high quality healthcare services. This guide will help commissioners across England to provide the best healthcare services that meet the needs of their local populations. In such financially challenging times for the NHS, this guide will be important in helping commissioners deliver the best with their limited resources. 

“We are grateful for the support of many PCTs in the development of this guide – some of these are featured as case studies, and show how NICE guidance is being used throughout the country to deliver clinically and cost-effective healthcare.”

Gary Belfield, Acting Director General for Commissioning and System Management, Department of Health, added: “It’s a must read for all those involved in commissioning services across health and social care, and will prove a really valuable resource for board members too.”