New system to manage heart images


Philips Healthcare has launched a new version of its multi-modality cardiology image management, analysis and reporting system.

The Xcelera R3.2 offers improved connectivity with other hospital information systems and electronic medical records, enabling analysis of patient images from other systems and locations.

Building on the successful Xcelera platform, the R3.2 offers a single resource for cardiovascular imaging information and study management that can be configured and developed to meet changing needs.

The system’s telecardiology features allow clinicians to access images and reports remotely through a secure connection.

Optional applications include: clinical review of CT, MRI and electrophysiology images; analytical assessment for ultrasound, X-ray and nuclear medicine; and an interface to view electrocardiograms from other systems in the Xcelera workspace.

New features of the Xcelera R3.2 include:

• Support for the Enterprise Master Patient Index, which allows a single view of patient records and relevant studies from multiple institutions.

• A new DICOM measurement mapping tool that improves interoperability with other vendors’ ultrasound systems.

• The ImageArena suite from TomTec Imaging Systems, which allows images from most major ultrasound equipment suppliers to be assessed.

• Support for new Philips quantification software, which assists with analysis of image data acquired on Philips ultrasound systems.

“The Xcelera 3.2 is an even more robust solution, while still maintaining the system’s original reliability and responsiveness,” said Eckart Fleck, Director of Internal Medicine-Cardiology at the German Heart Institute. “Its advanced image reviewing capabilities enable a complete patient work-up, allowing for the review of ultrasound, CT and MRI images, regardless of the images’ source. This is a major advantage in comprehensive patient care.”