New slim-line DH structure

The DH is to be trimmed from 14 directorates to just five.

Under the new structure the five directorates will be system design, finance and the NHS; social care; public health; partnership and engagement; and DH operations.

The reshuffle is expected to result in job losses with a DH spokesperson saying they were “assessing the impact of the future structure” before committing to any redundancies and reductions.

It was estimated back in January that up to 2,500 positions would be axed following the reduction of arm’s length bodies and other DH posts.

Information published by the DH showed that 75 senior posts have already been “eliminated” since March, saving more than £7 million.

Three director general posts for research and development, finance and chief operating officer and policy and strategy have already been removed – the former downgraded to a director level post commanding a lower salary. In total, 55 or the 75 eliminated senior posts came from the two predecessor directorate.