New devices to treat leg artery disease

Cook Medical is introducing an integrated line of six new products to provide minimally-invasive treatment options for peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

These products, launched at VIVA 2009, include new microwires, stents and angioplasty balloons that are integral to Cook’s advanced Leg Therapy Program for treating circulatory disorders.

“This is a significant day for patients suffering from PAD, as Cook proudly rolls out an integrated line of minimally invasive products designed specifically for treating PAD,” said Rob Lyles, Vice President and global leader of Cook Medical’s peripheral intervention division.

“People tend to associate leg conditions exclusively with injury, and fail to recognise the importance of maintaining the overall health of the legs until it’s too late. By introducing these six products, we are giving vascular interventionalists six tools to improve their patient outcomes and deliver actionable solutions to those who need them most.”

PAD occurs when blood vessels become clogged with fatty deposits and circulation to the lower body is reduced, leading to increased risk of heart attack, stroke or amputation. Of the 27 million people affected worldwide, only 25% receive any form of treatment. Even fewer have the option of minimally invasive treatment as alternatives to amputation or surgical bypass.

Cook’s new products are aimed at changing these statistics, providing minimally invasive treatments for the complex features of leg disease:

• The Approach CTO microwires, designed for crossing chronic total occlusions and extremely tight lesions in the peripheral arteries.

• The Advance line of balloon dilatation catheters, with a range of sizes and compositions to treat lesions in the peripheral arteries.

• The Zilver 518 RX, a self-expanding nitinol stent used with percutaneous transluminal angioplasty in the iliac artery.