New data from first pan-European real world study of Tresiba®▼

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New data has been presented which demonstrate that Tresiba®▼ (insulin degludec) shows improved blood glucose control and reduced risk of hypoglycaemia.

The data, presented at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference in London, show that Tresiba® (insulin degludec) improves blood glucose control, reduces the risk of hypoglycaemia and allows for dose reductions in certain patients.

These are the first real world data to show the value of insulin degludec, developed by Novo Nordisk, in clinical practice across all five countries that prescribe the drug, including the UK, and support insulin degludec clinical trial data.

Data were evaluated following interviews and surveys with 125 physicians across the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Luxembourg and Germany, covering a total of 1,770 treated patients. 

The clinical benefits reported include:

  • improved blood glucose control (as reported by 58 physicians on 1,149 patients)
  • improved patient quality of life relating to flexibility of administration time and dosage when needed (44 physicians in 602 patients) 
  • reduced hypoglycaemic episodes (30 physicians on 512 patients). 

In addition, 41% of physicians who treated the majority of patients reported a reduction in dose when switching patients to insulin degludec (51 physicians on 1,043 patients) and data show an 18% dose reduction with patients who use insulin degludec (42 physicians on 957 patients).

Commenting on these data, Dr Adam Robinson said: “Insulin degludec has already reported a robust set of clinical trial data, and with these new real world data we can say with confidence that this treatment provides both clinical and quality of life benefits to a range of patients. The results are another example of how data from the real world can inform treatment decision making in clinical practice.”