New biomedical partnership journal launched

pip front cover web Partnership in Practice, a new quarterly digital journal that explores, promotes and celebrates business partnerships in the medical and life science field, has launched in the UK.

The journal targets bioscience industry professionals, healthcare professionals and service providers to the life sciences sector.

The news, features and case studies in PiP cover three broad areas:

1. Joint working – pharma, biotech and medtech companies and relevant service providers working in partnership with healthcare providers and academics to meet the medical challenges of the 21st century.

2. Open innovation – collaboration between companies in different life science sectors (e.g. pharma and biotech) to discover, develop and commercialise innovative therapies such as personalised medicines.

3. Healthcare access – life science companies working with media or public sector organisations to provide health education and improve public health by increasing access to healthcare resources worldwide.

PiP is a forum for exploration, discussion and promotion of the role of business partnerships in the progress of biomedical science – bringing together key skills, knowledge and ideas to break new ground in healthcare.

Themes covered in the first issue include: joint working with the NHS; partnership and the PM Society; a beginner’s guide to open innovation; the intellectual property issues around open innovation; the Open Lab project to develop new therapies for global diseases; and the GAVI Alliance to make life-saving vaccines available in the developing world.

The first issue also features case studies of successful partnership working from four consultancies to the life sciences industry: ZS Associates, Ashfield in2Focus, WG Consulting and Soar Beyond.

It also introduces a new contact service, Healthcare Friends, to bring together life science companies, service providers, NHS organisations and other stakeholders seeking partners to take healthcare innovation forward.

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