New 3G network for breast screening


New 3G mobile data routers have enabled a West Midlands breast screening service to achieve more effective communication of clinical information with local hospitals.

Herefordshire data handling specialist Hicks Associates Ltd has supplied and fitted the routers to three trailers (pictured) for the Warwickshire, Solihull & Coventry breast screening service.

The mobile data ‘dongles’ previously used by the trailers to access work lists from the hospitals caused network issues and problems with weak signals inside the trailer.

The new 3G routers offer several advantages over the previous solution:

  • The use of two SIM cards, from different network providers, allows automatic switchover between networks if the signal level drops below a certain point.
  • The external antenna fitted to the trailer gives much higher signal strength.
  • The integrated four-port 100Mbps switch allows up to four devices to share the remote connection and to communicate using normal network protocols.
  • The system allows (via a secure VPN client) the equipment supplier to perform remote diagnostics on the modality.

While the new technology would not be suitable for handling images, it promises to save time and improve reliability in communication of work lists and other text information.